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Datum izdavanja: prosinca 2006.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 11. 7. 2016.
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Factors influencing healthy meal choice in Germany (str.315-322) engleskipdf 130 KB
Joseph S. Chen, Willy Legrand, Philip Sloan
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A qualitative analysis of consumer attitudes on adoption of online travel services (str.323-331) engleskipdf 110 KB
Evangelos Christou
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e-Customer Relationship Management in the hotel sector: Guests' perceptions of perceived e-service quality levels (str.333-344) engleskipdf 157 KB
Marianna Sigala
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Tracking student satisfaction in an uncertain tourism education market (str.345-353) engleskipdf 354 KB
Nick Johns, Judy Henwood
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Cross cultural change, adjustment and culture shock: UK to USA (str.355-365) engleskipdf 173 KB
Abby Lyons, Carolyn Branston
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Hospitality student learning styles: The impact of gender and nationality (str.367-374) engleskipdf 124 KB
Paul Barron, Sandra Watson
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An exploratory study of outsourcing of foodservice operations in Canadian hotels (str.375-383) engleskipdf 114 KB
Clayton W. Barrows, Elias Giannakopoulos
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Middle-up-down and top-down approaches: Strategy implementation, uncertainty, structure, and foodservice segment (str.385-395) engleskipdf 144 KB
Robert J. Harrington, K. W. Kendall
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From instability to volatility: Bermuda's shift from tourism to international business dependency (str.397-403) engleskipdf 122 KB
Shawn De Shields, Cordell W. Riley
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GIS applications as a tool for tourism planning and education: A case study of Chalkidiki (str.405-413) engleskipdf 723 KB
Spyros Avdimiotis, Thomas Mavrodontis, Athanasios S. Dermetzopoulos, Konstantinos Riavoglou
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