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The Journal of Philosophical Economics : Reflections on Economic and Social Issues, Vol. X No. 1, 2016

Publication date: November 2016

Published on HRČAK: 21 November 2016
Table of contents Full text
Aristotle on justice in exchange: commensurability by fiat (str.5-27) englishpdf 637 KB
Mark S. Peacock
Original scientific paper
Economic crisis, economic methodology and the scientific ideal of physics (str.28-57) englishpdf 380 KB
Stavros A. Drakopoulos
Original scientific paper
Planning horizons as an ordinal entropic measure of organization (str.58-80) englishpdf 514 KB
Frederic B. Jennings Jr.
Original scientific paper
‘Why has economics turned out this way?’ A socio-economic note on the explanation of monism in economics (str.81-101) englishpdf 354 KB
Arne Heise
Original scientific paper
Review of Altug Yalcintas, Intellectual Path Dependence in Economics: Why economists do not reject refuted theories (str.102-105) englishpdf 269 KB
Valentin Cojanu
Book Review
Review of Mary Godwin, Ethics and Diversity in Business Management Education. A Sociological Study with International Scope (str.106-109) englishpdf 267 KB
Stipe Buzar
Book Review
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