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Publication date: June 2013

Published on HRČAK: 19 April 2017
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An Energy-Efficient MAC Scheduler based on a Switched-Beam Antenna for Wireless Sensor Networks (str.117-127) englishpdf 2 MB
Luca Catarinucci, Sergio Guglielmi, Luca Mainetti, Vincenzo Mighali, Luigi Patrono, Maria Laura Stefanizzi, Luciano Tarricone
Original scientific paper
An Efficient and Private Authentication Protocol for RFID Systems (str.128-136) englishpdf 2 MB
Suleyman Kardas, Serkan Celik, Mehmet Sariyuce, Albert Levi
Original scientific paper
Frequency and Time Domain Analysis of Influence of the Grounding Electrode Conductivity on Induced Current Distribution (str.137-143) englishpdf 2 MB
Silvestar Šesnić, Dragan Poljak
Original scientific paper
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