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Publication date: June 2017

Published on HRČAK: 29 June 2017
Table of contents Full text
The analysis of the maintenance systems of a LPG carrier’s liquefaction system main components (str.3-9) englishpdf 792 KB
Aleksandar Vorkapić, Predrag Kralj, Dragan Martinović
Review article
Contribution to the implementation of “Green Port” concept in Croatian seaports (str.10-17) englishpdf 885 KB
Paola Badurina, Marijan Cukrov, Čedomir Dundović
Conference paper
Logistics determinants of the port of Gaženica in the context of tourism development (str.18-26) englishpdf 749 KB
Hrvoje Baričević, Eli Marušić, Ana Malovrh
Conference paper
Assessing impact of cruising tourism in Slovenia (str.27-32) englishpdf 428 KB
Maja Uran Maravić, Daniela Gračan, Željko Zirdum
Review article
Preventing marine accidents caused by technology-induced human error (str.33-37) englishpdf 417 KB
Toni Bielić, Nermin Hasanspahić, Jelena Čulin
Preliminary communication
About transport costs calculation on the Transsiberial railway (str.38-44) englishpdf 463 KB
Sergei A. Bykadorov
Preliminary communication
Thermodynamic study of environment-friendly R429A, R435A and R457A refrigerants as substitutes for ozone depleting R22 in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems (str.45-52) englishpdf 514 KB
B.O. Bolaji, O.A. Oyelaran, O.C. Okoye
Review article
Reorganization of the public utility companies (str.53-59) englishpdf 1 MB
Željko Smojver, Gorana Stumpf, Donald Schiozzi
Review article
Un-Vignetting vignettes: Optimal highway pricing in Croatia (str.60-66) englishpdf 498 KB
Davor Mance
Original scientific paper
Analysis of variable Inlet Valve Control in two-stage turbocharged marine four-stroke Diesel engines – Miller cycle (str.67-73) englishpdf 1 MB
Luka Abramović, Dragan Martinović, Davor Lenac
Review article
Legionella Pneumophilia on board ship’s freshwater systems and technological and organizational measures of prevention and suppression (str.74-76) englishpdf 462 KB
Davor Pavić, Predrag Kralj, Davor Lenac
Review article
Liability of the multimodal transport operator – the case of Kosovo (str.77-91) englishpdf 478 KB
Nexhat Jashari
Review article
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