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Croatica Chemica Acta, Vol. 40 No. 3, 1968

Croatica Chemica Acta,Vol. 40 No. 3
Publication date: October 1968

Published on HRČAK: 18 November 2018
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Molecular Motion in Starch by Proton Spin-Lattice Relaxation (str.111-116) englishpdf 6 MB
K. Adamić
Original scientific paper
Precipitation and Solubility of Uranyl - Orthophosphates. I. Heterogeneous Equilibria in Solutions of: U02(NOa)2 - HaP04 (str.117-125) englishpdf 11 MB
N. Pavković, M. Branica, B. Težak
Original scientific paper
Precipitation and Solubility of Uranyl Orthophosphates. II. Heterogeneous Equilibria in Solutions of: U02(NO3)2 - H3P04 - HNO3 (str.127-130) englishpdf 7 MB
N. Pavković, M. Wrischer, M. Branica
Original scientific paper
On the Polarographic Determination of Stability Constants of Formato, Acetato, Propionato, Butyrato, and Lactato Complexes of Copper, Zinc, Cadmium, and Lead (str.131-142) englishpdf 12 MB
I. Filipović, I. Piljac, A. Medved, S. Savić, A. Bujak, B. Bach-Dragutinović, B. Mayer
Original scientific paper
Synthesis of Some Dioxotungsten(VI) Chelates with 1,3- Diketones (str.143-146) englishpdf 4 MB
A . Nikolovski
Original scientific paper
The Crystal Structure of Potassium Dithorium Trisphosphate, KTb2(P04)3 (str.147-161) englishpdf 16 MB
B. Matković, B. Prodić, M. Šljukić, S. W. Peterson
Original scientific paper
Molecular Orbital Calculations for Some Bithiophenes and Bifurans (str.163-169) englishpdf 7 MB
N. Trinajstić, A. Hinchliffe
Original scientific paper
The Possible Roles of Known Enzymes in the Breakdown of RNA in X-Irradiated Escherichia coli (str.171-179) englishpdf 10 MB
I . Pečevsky, Ž. Kućan
Original scientific paper
Synthesis of Pyridazine Derivatives. XXIII. Synthesis of Isomeric Azolopyrido (3,2-d) - and Azolopyrido (2,3-d) pyridazines (str.181-187) englishpdf 7 MB
A. Krbavčič, B. Stanovnik, M. Tišler
Original scientific paper
Reduction of Some 2-Thiazoline Benzamide and Carbamate Derivatives with Lithium Aluminum Hydride (str.189-194) englishpdf 7 MB
D. S. Petrova, H. P. Penner
Original scientific paper
In vitro and in vivo Reactivation of Cholinesterases Inhibited by Highly Toxic Organophosphorus Compounds (str.195-199) englishpdf 5 MB
M. Maksimović, B. Bošković, Z . Binenfeld
Short communication, Note
The Oxidation of 10-Acylphenothiazines with Lead Tetraacetate (str.201-204) englishpdf 4 MB
B. D. Podolešov
Short communication, Note
Book Reviews (str.A31-A35) englishpdf 8 MB
Case report  
10 godina HKD-Rijeka (str.A37-A37) englishpdf 1 MB
Table of Contents englishpdf 2 MB
Impressum englishpdf 990 KB
Cover Page englishpdf 391 KB
Ad englishpdf 1 MB
Conclusion englishpdf 277 KB
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