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Kairos (English ed.) : Evangelical Journal of Theology,Vol. 13 No. 1
Publication date: April 2019

Published on HRČAK: 18 April 2019
Table of contents Full text
Theosis (Deification) as a Biblical and Historical Doctrine (str.7-38) englishpdf 279 KB
Goran Medved
Original scientific paper
Church Models for the 21st Century (str.37-91) englishpdf 320 KB
Stanko Jambrek
Original scientific paper
The Need and Possibility for Evangelizing Through the Internet (str.93-106) englishpdf 391 KB
Danijel Časni
Original scientific paper
The Church and the Media – Evangelism or Manipulation (str.107-120) englishpdf 121 KB
Robert Bogešić
Original scientific paper
An Insight on Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Struggle Against Apartheid in South Africa (str.115-126) englishpdf 102 KB
Alexander Kokobili
Review article
The Founding of the Evangelical Theological Association of Croatia (str.135-143) englishpdf 91 KB
Stanko Jambrek
Matthew W. Bates, Salvation by Allegiance Alone: Rethinking Faith, Works, and the Gospel of Jesus the King (str.147-153) englishpdf 73 KB
Gregory Thellman
Book Review
Brant M. Himes, For a Better Worldliness: Abraham Kuyper, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Discipleship for the Common Good (str.153-157) englishpdf 62 KB
Miroslav Balint-Feudvarski
Book Review
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