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Publication date: June 2019

Published on HRČAK: 30 June 2019
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Innovation for Organizational Performance: Approaches and Applications. (str.II-V) englishpdf 155 KB
Mirjana Pejić Bach
Web 2.0 Technologies in Business: Why not? (str.304-314) englishpdf 509 KB
Mirela Mabić, Marija Lasić, Jelena Zovko
Original scientific paper
Examining the Role of Boldness in the Prediction of Emotional Intelligence in Men and Women (str.315-325) englishpdf 715 KB
Katarina Sokić, Đuro Horvat
Original scientific paper
Fostering Eco-Innovation: Waste Tyre Rubber and Circular Economy in Croatia (str.326-344) englishpdf 597 KB
Ivana Šandrk Nukić, Ivana Miličević
Original scientific paper
Identifying the Interdependence between Consumer Confidence and Macroeconomic Developments in Croatia (str.345-354) englishpdf 571 KB
Marina Matošec, Zdenka Obuljen Zoričić
Original scientific paper
Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and Reporting: Overview of Practice in Selected European Countries (str.355-367) englishpdf 522 KB
Nikolina Markota Vukić, Mislav Ante Omazić, Ana Aleksić
Original scientific paper
Business Process Management and Corporate Performance Management: Does Their Alignment Impact Organizational Performance (str.368-384) englishpdf 681 KB
Dalia Suša Vugec, Lucija Ivančić, Ljubica Milanović Glavan
Original scientific paper
Success in Studying at the University of Montenegro: Is there Hyper-production of Diplomas? (str.385-402) englishpdf 584 KB
Đurđica Perović, Dijana Vučković
Original scientific paper
Travel and Accommodation Web Services: Usage in Selected European Countries (str.403-416) englishpdf 551 KB
Ana-Maria Marić, Jovana Zoroja
Preliminary communication
Transparency in Public Relations: Evidence from Associations’ Ethics Codes (str.417-429) englishpdf 452 KB
Matilda Kolić Stanić
Original scientific paper
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