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Textile & Leather Review, Vol. 2 No. 3, 2019

Textile & Leather Review,Vol. 2 No. 3
Publication date: September 2019

Published on HRČAK: 06 September 2019
Table of contents Full text
Washable embroidered textile electrodes for long-term electrocardiography monitoring (str.126-135) englishpdf 2 MB
Amale Ankhili, Shahood uz Zaman, Xuyuan Tao, Cedric Cochrane, Vladan Koncar, David Coulon
Original scientific paper
The anisotropic structure of electro conductive leather studied by Van der Pauw method (str.136-144) englishpdf 2 MB
Aulon Shabani, Majlinda Hylli, Ilda Kazani, Pellumb Berberi, Orion Zavalani, Genti Guxho
Original scientific paper
Field classification in Dimensions: A case study of textile technology (str.145-153) englishpdf 936 KB
Davor Jokic
Original scientific paper
Knowledge, attitudes and behavior of consumers towards sustainability and ecological fashion (str.154-161) englishpdf 246 KB
Ozgur Ceylan
Original scientific paper
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