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Croatian Political Science Review, Vol. 43 No. 5, 2006

Publication date: May 2007

Published on HRČAK: 20 February 2008
Table of contents Full text
A Fatal Hobbesian Charm? (str.3-18) englishpdf 217 KB
Dragutin Lalović
Original scientific paper
What Can We Learn from Lord Acton’s Criticism of Mill’s Concept of Nationality? (str.19-27) englishpdf 136 KB
Zoran Kurelić
Original scientific paper
Modus Vivendi: Concept of Coexistence in Pluralist Global Society (str.29-44) englishpdf 216 KB
Hrvoje Cvijanović
Original scientific paper
National Minorities and Croatian Demoracy (str.45-59) englishpdf 202 KB
Siniša Tatalović
Original scientific paper
Europeanization and Policy-making in the National Context: The Work of Policy in Croatia (str.61-75) englishpdf 196 KB
Zdravko Petak
Review article
Social Trust: Croatia 1995-2003 (str.77-98) englishpdf 237 KB
Berto Šalaj
Review article
‘The Assent of the People is Not Necessary to the Formation of a Confederation’: Notes on the Failure of the European Constitutional Referendums (str.99-120) englishpdf 200 KB
Robert Podolnjak
Original scientific paper
Was There a Silent Revolution? A Comparative Analysis of Party Manifestos in Ten European Countries (str.121-146) englishpdf 399 KB
Anamarija Musa
Original scientific paper
Dušan Bilandžić: History Up Close: Memoirs (Povijest izbliza: memoarski zapisi 1945.-2005.) (str.147-150) englishpdf 210 KB
Ivo Banac
Book Review
Dragutin Lalović: Possibilities of the Political. Via the Citizen towards the Man (Mogućnosti političkoga: preko građanina ka čovjeku) (str.150-154) englishpdf 210 KB
Luka Ribarević
Book Review
Enes Kulenović: Freedom, Pluralism and Nationalism: The Political Theory of Isaiah Berlin (Sloboda, pluralizam i nacionalizam: politička teorija Isaiaha Berlina) (str.154-158) englishpdf 210 KB
Ana Matan
Book Review
European Union, Nation-state and Future of Democracy / Croatian political science talks (Hrvatski politološki razgovori) (str.158-161) englishpdf 210 KB
Krešimir Petković
Meeting abstract
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