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Econviews : Review of Contemporary Entrepreneurship, Business, and Economic Issues,Vol. 33 No. 1
Publication date: June 2020

Published on HRČAK: 29 June 2020
Table of contents Full text
Sustainability, food topics and weblogs: do they really fit? Targeting and valuing food-related eWOM generators (str.9-24) englishpdf 471 KB
César Sahelices-Pinto, Ana Lanero-Carrizo, José Luis Vázquez-Burguete
Original scientific paper
The mediating effect of audit quality on the relationship between earnings and earnings valuation in Iran (str.25-38) englishpdf 283 KB
Mahdi Salehi, Mahmoud Lari Dashtbayaz
Original scientific paper
Re-industrialization to foster growth and employment in the European Union (str.39-58) englishpdf 1 MB
Regina Moczadlo
Original scientific paper
Capitalism, meritocracy and legitimacy: Croatian society thirty years after (str.59-70) englishpdf 279 KB
Željko Pavić, Antun Šundalić
Original scientific paper
Training methods in municipal enterprises (str.71-82) englishpdf 546 KB
Dominika Crnjac Milić, Domagoj Pavić, Bruno Mandić
Original scientific paper
Gender equality in parliaments - where do we stand in Europe? Considerations from the economic development and society’s masculinity index point of view (str.83-99) englishpdf 425 KB
Joanna Hernik, Antonio Minguez Vera
Original scientific paper
Who attends Christmas Markets and why? Analysis of visitor structure and motivation for attending two Christmas Markets in Croatia (str.101-114) englishpdf 289 KB
Dina Lončarić, Tihana Cegur Radović, Patricia Skendrović
Original scientific paper
Hysteresis in the trade flows of some EU member countries (str.117-132) englishpdf 345 KB
Mile Bošnjak, Ivan Novak, Zoran Wittine
Preliminary communication
Development of business strategies based on logistics performance of the Republic of Croatia (str.133-149) englishpdf 781 KB
Zbigniew Bentyn, Ante Luetić, Neven Šerić
Preliminary communication
The digital transformation of Croatian economy compared with EU member states (str.151-164) englishpdf 488 KB
Marinko Jurčević, Lukša Lulić, Vinko Mostarac
Preliminary communication
Importance of reverse logistics services as an antecedent for building a green supply chain (str.165-174) englishpdf 291 KB
Michal Patak, Lenka Branska, Zuzana Pecinova
Preliminary communication
Adjustment and early retirement intentions of the older workers in the Croatian public sector (str.175-190) englishpdf 374 KB
Ana Štambuk, Ivan Uroda, Nikolina Anđelić
Preliminary communication
Omnichannel of private label grocery products in Tesco and Carrefour retail chains on the Polish market (str.191-202) englishpdf 341 KB
Roman Domański, Michalina Łabenda
Preliminary communication
Universities’ enrollment challenge: The role of corporate image in higher education (str.205-216) englishpdf 331 KB
Nejla Manov, Alisa Mujkić, Melika Husić-Mehmedović
Review article
Smart specialisation concept as a tool for improving innovation performance of the European Union member countries (str.217-226) englishpdf 258 KB
Vlatka Bilas
Review article
Consumers’ perceptions of organic food products in Croatia (str.227-241) englishpdf 290 KB
Tina Šugar, Kristina Brščić
Review article
Poverty: A challenge to the protection of human rights of older persons in the Republic of Croatia (str.243-254) englishpdf 271 KB
Mira Lulić, Ivana Rešetar Čulo
Review article
Lagging regions: The case of Eastern Croatia (str.255-270) englishpdf 354 KB
Katarina Marošević
Review article
Recent trends in sustainability reporting: Literature review and implications for future research (str.271-283) englishpdf 458 KB
Ana Zrnić, Dubravka Pekanov Starčević, Boris Crnković
Review article
Upravljanje rizicima društava za neživotno osiguranje i reosiguranje primjenom tehnike sekuritizacije (str.287-303) croatianpdf 544 KB
Marijana Ćurak, Dujam Kovač
Professional paper
Prikaz knjige “Financial Econometrics, Mathematics and Statistics: Theory, Method and Application” (str.305-307) croatianpdf 94 KB
Tihana Škrinjarić
Book Review
Book review “Innovation Culture in Crony Capitalism: Does Hofstede’s Model Matter?” (str.309-313) englishpdf 99 KB
Predrag Bejaković
Book Review
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