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Bulletin of the International Association for Paleodontology,Vol. 1 No. 1
Publication date: October 2007

Published on HRČAK: 15 February 2009
Table of contents Full text
Impressum and contents (str.2-2) englishpdf 104 KB
Editorial (str.3-3) englishpdf 105 KB
Marin Vodanović
Million-year-old human tooth found in Spain (str.4-4) englishpdf 117 KB
Short communication, Note  
It was a tooth! (str.5-6) englishpdf 163 KB
Leyre Prado Simon
Short communication, Note
Caries – Ancient plague of humankind (str.6-7) englishpdf 406 KB
Peter Caselitz
Review article
News - IAPO Projects and Network / IAPO Membership / Forthcoming events (str.7-8) englishpdf 177 KB
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