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Croatian Political Science Review, Vol. 35 No. 5, 1998

Publication date: February 1999

Published on HRČAK: 09 February 2009
Table of contents Full text
Breakdown of the Transitional Model for the Passage from Socialism to Capitalism (str.3-9) englishpdf 121 KB
Vlatko Mileta
Original scientific paper
Participation and Local Democracy in Croatia (str.10-24) englishpdf 229 KB
Ivan Grdešić
Original scientific paper
Adriatic Costal Zone Under Pressure of the New Croatian Energy Policy (str.25-35) englishpdf 163 KB
Inge Perko-Šeparović
Original scientific paper
A Brief Review of Civil-Military Relations in the Republic of Croatia (str.36-56) englishpdf 239 KB
Dragan Lozančić, Mislav Burđelez
Original scientific paper
The Policy of Immigration in Croatia (str.57-75) englishpdf 247 KB
Nick Vidak
Original scientific paper
Areas of Implementation of Ethnic Rights of Members of National Minorities in the Republic of Croatia (str.76-82) englishpdf 115 KB
Mila Šimić
Conference paper
Cultural-Historical and Political Identity (str.83-88) englishpdf 129 KB
Davor Rodin
Original scientific paper
U.S. Policy in the Southeast Europe (str.89-104) englishpdf 195 KB
Radovan Vukadinović
Original scientific paper
National Security of Macedonia (str.105-124) englishpdf 230 KB
Siniša Tatalović
Original scientific paper
Unaware Actors: Policies and Random Combinations of Aid Interventions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995) (str.125-135) englishpdf 150 KB
Igor Pellicciari
Original scientific paper
Implications of the War in the Former Yugoslavia on the US – EU Relations (str.136-150) englishpdf 165 KB
Ljubomir Čučić
Original scientific paper
Nationality Issue and Democratic Transition (str.151-181) englishpdf 266 KB
Branko Caratan
Original scientific paper
Intentional Communities and Liberal Policies of Cultural Support (str.182-197) englishpdf 192 KB
Mojmir Križan
Original scientific paper
Studying the Phenomenon of Security in Social Sciences (Slovenian Experiences) (str.198-209) englishpdf 183 KB
Anton Grizold
Original scientific paper
The Issues for 1999 and Paradigms for the Millenium (str.210-220) englishpdf 164 KB
Dag Strpić
Original scientific paper
Educating Journalists. Universal Ignoramuses or Highly-Educated Specialists? (str.221-232) englishpdf 174 KB
Stjepan Malović
Original scientific paper
Dag Strpić: Promjena (od Hobbesa do Hayeka) (The Change (from Hobbes to Hayek)) (str.233-234) englishpdf 152 KB
Tonči Kursar
Book Review
Ivan Cifrić, ed.: Etička iskušenja znanosti i društva (Ethical Challenges of Science and Society) (str.235-237) englishpdf 152 KB
Ana Pažanin
Book Review
Regional Meeting of Central European Political Science Associations (str.237-240) englishpdf 152 KB
John Coakley
Book Review
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