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Publication date: June 2008

Published on HRČAK: 13 October 2010
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Editorial: Special Issue on Recent Advances in Computer and Communication Networks Technology (str.I-III) englishpdf 100 KB
Nader F. Mir
Design of Sequencing Medium Access Control to Improve the Performance of Wireless Networks (str.81-89) englishpdf 635 KB
N. Ch. S. N Iyengar, Parimala Venkata Krishna
Original scientific paper
Pre-emptive Dynamic Source Routing: A Repaired Backup Approach and Stability Based DSR with Multiple Routes (str.91-99) englishpdf 314 KB
Barun Kumar Saha, Sk Swanaz, Soumen Saha, Susmit Maity, Chandan Tilak Bhunia
Original scientific paper
A Niched Pareto GA Approach for Scheduling Scientific Workflows in Wireless Grids (str.101-108) englishpdf 407 KB
V.Vasudevan Vasudevan, Shajulin Benedict
Original scientific paper
Internet Deployment of DPM-based IP Traceback (str.109-118) englishpdf 415 KB
Nirwan Ansari, Andrey Belenky
Original scientific paper
Constant Time Queries for Energy Efficient Paths in Multi-hop Wireless Networks (str.119-130) englishpdf 653 KB
Peter Sanders, Domagoj Matijevic, Stefan Funke
Original scientific paper
Modeling and Simulation of Quality of Service in VoIP Wireless LAN (str.131-142) englishpdf 879 KB
Hadj Bourdoucen, Wadeh W. A. Al-Menthari, Ahmed Al naamany
Original scientific paper
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