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Publication date: June 2007

Published on HRČAK: 13 October 2010
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The Viewpoint Mechanism for Object-oriented Databases Modelling, Distribution and Evolution (str.95-110) englishpdf 1 MB
Mahmoud Boufaida, Benchikha Fouzia
Original scientific paper
A Dialogue-Management Evaluation Study (str.111-121) englishpdf 641 KB
France Mihelic, Melita Hajdinjak
Original scientific paper
Improved VSF Algorithm for Smooth Surface Reconstruction from Sparse Medical Data (str.123-130) englishpdf 621 KB
Roger Lédée, Mohamed Deriche, Matine Bergounioux, Christophe Léger, Ahmad Almhdie
Original scientific paper
Cléopatre: Open-source Operating System Facilities for Real-Time Embedded Applications (str.131-142) englishpdf 252 KB
Audrey Marchand, Thibault Garcia-Fernandez, Maryline Silly-Chetto
Original scientific paper
The paper has been withdrawn (str.143-149) englishpdf 751 KB
Original scientific paper  
Empirical Validation of the RCDC and RCDE Semantic Complexity Metrics for Object-Oriented Software (str.151-160) englishpdf 513 KB
Phil A. Farrington, Julie L. Fortune, Cara E. Stein, Dawn Utley, Letha H. Etzkorn, Sampson E. Gholston, Glenn W. Cox
Original scientific paper
Suspicious E-mail Detection via Decision Tree: A Data Mining Approach (str.161-169) englishpdf 621 KB
Ramasamy Rajaram, Appavu Balamurugan
Original scientific paper
Roles at the Basis of UML Validation (str.171-183) englishpdf 496 KB
Thouraya Bouabana-Tebibel
Original scientific paper
Developing a Near-optimal Lowest-consumption Tunnel Lighting System Using Software Agents through Power Line Communications (str.185-191) englishpdf 633 KB
Grigoris Papagiannis, Anastasios A Economides, Chris Syleos, Nicolaos Protogeros
Original scientific paper
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