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Publication date: September 2004

Published on HRČAK: 13 October 2010
Table of contents Full text
A Taxonomy of Information Retrieval Models and Tools (str.175-194) englishpdf 1 MB
Luigi Cerulo, Gerardo Canfora
Original scientific paper
ERP Software Evaluation and Comparative Analysis (str.195-209) englishpdf 451 KB
Damir Kalpic, Kresimir Fertalj
Original scientific paper
Automated Learning Applied to Functional Argument Identification (str.211-222) englishpdf 183 KB
Vasile Rus
Original scientific paper
An Approach to Building Object Models with UML in Embedded Systems (str.223-235) englishpdf 428 KB
Kimour Mohamed Tahar
Original scientific paper
Structural Join Algorithm for Sequential Regular Path Expressions (str.237-250) englishpdf 906 KB
Kevin Lu
Original scientific paper
Performance Analysis of Signaling Delay for Wireless Cellular Networks (str.251-262) englishpdf 505 KB
Hideo Miyahara, Masayuki Murata, Doo Seop Eom, Masashi Sugano
Original scientific paper
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