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Publication date: March 2004

Published on HRČAK: 13 October 2010
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VHDL Design of a Scalable VLSI Sorting Device Based on Pipelined Computation (str.1-14) englishpdf 620 KB
Enzo Mumolo
Original scientific paper
A Fault-Tolerant Multicast Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad–Hoc Networks (str.15-29) englishpdf 646 KB
Xianling Dong, Ziping Liu, Bidyut Gupta
Original scientific paper
SYSPOINT: Unit of Measure for IT Infrastructure Project Sizing (str.31-46) englishpdf 131 KB
Srinivasa Raghavan, Veeraswamy Achanta
Original scientific paper
Personalized Trust Management in Decision Making: A Dynamic Clustering Approach (str.47-53) englishpdf 119 KB
Dimitrios P Papamichail, Georgios P Papamichail
Original scientific paper
Inter-institutional Communications and Process Innovation: Inter-institutional System and Collaborative Work Process (str.55-63) englishpdf 56 KB
Dong-Hee Shin
Original scientific paper
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