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Psychological topics, Vol. 18 No. 2, 2009

Publication date: December 2009

Published on HRČAK: 18 February 2010
Table of contents Full text
EDITOR'S NOTE (str.201-201) englishpdf 16 KB
Ingrid Brdar
The Promise of Positive Psychology (str.203-211) englishpdf 49 KB
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Original scientific paper
Well-Being on Planet Earth (str.213-219) englishpdf 104 KB
Ed Diener, William Tov
Original scientific paper
World Database of Happiness Tool for Dealing with the 'Data-Deluge' (str.221-246) englishpdf 154 KB
Ruut Veenhoven
Original scientific paper
The Contributions of Positive and Negative Affect to Emotional Well-Being (str.247-266) englishpdf 150 KB
Randy Larsen
Original scientific paper
Providing the Scientific Backbone for Positive Psychology: A Multi-Level Conception of Human Thriving (str.267-284) englishpdf 191 KB
Kennon M. Sheldon
Original scientific paper
Optimal Experience and Meaning: Which Relationship? (str.285-302) englishpdf 88 KB
Antonella Delle Fave
Original scientific paper
Origins of Purpose in Life: Refining our Understanding of a Life Well Lived (str.303-313) englishpdf 73 KB
Todd B. Kashdan, Patrick E. McKnight
Original scientific paper
Life Goals and Well-Being: Are Extrinsic Aspirations Always Detrimental to Well-Being? (str.317-334) englishpdf 137 KB
Ingrid Brdar, Majda Rijavec, Dubravka Miljković
Original scientific paper
Growth Following Adversity: Positive Psychological Perspectives on Posttraumatic Stress (str.335-344) englishpdf 58 KB
Stephen Joseph
Original scientific paper
Happy and Unhappy Competitors: What Makes the Difference? (str.345-367) englishpdf 166 KB
Márta Fülöp
Original scientific paper
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