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Psihologijske teme, Vol. 19 No. 2, 2010.

Datum izdavanja: prosinca 2010.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 4. 3. 2011.
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Examining the Scope and Concept of Schema: Should We Look Beyond Cognitive Structures? (str.221-234) engleskipdf 94 KB
Frank M. Dattilio
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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Neuroscience: Towards Closer Integration (str.235-254) engleskipdf 186 KB
Nataša Jokić-Begić
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Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Anxious Youth with Comorbid School Refusal: Clinical Presentation and Treatment Response (str.255-271) engleskipdf 129 KB
Rinad S. Beidas, Sarah A. Crawley, Matthew P. Mychailyszyn, Jonathan S. Comer, Philip C. Kendall
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Breaking the Rhythm of Depression: Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Relapse Prevention for Depression (str.273-287) engleskipdf 118 KB
Claudi L.H. Bockting
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Cognitive-Behavioral Grief Therapy: The ABC Model of Rational-Emotion Behavior Therapy (str.289-305) engleskipdf 150 KB
Ruth Malkinson
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Adaptation of the Beck Hopelessness Scale in Hungary (str.307-321) engleskipdf 147 KB
Dóra Perczel Forintos, Judit Sallai, Sándor Rózsa
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Inpatient Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Severe Eating Disorders (str.323-340) engleskipdf 131 KB
Riccardo Dalle Grave
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The Cognition of Hunger and Eating Behaviours (str.341-354) engleskipdf 163 KB
Lucio Sibilia
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Weight Loss and Maintenance in Overweight and Obese Patients with Cardiovascular Disease (str.355-372) engleskipdf 169 KB
Alessandra Pokrajac-Bulian, Neala Ambrosi-Randić, Alen Ružić
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Mindfulness Meditation: A Preliminary Study on Meditation Practice During Everyday Life Activities and its Association with Well-Being (str.373-386) engleskipdf 124 KB
Philipp M. Keune, Dóra Perczel Forintos
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Towards the Development of an Integrated CBT Provision within a Large Organisation Offering Services to People with Mental Health Problems and/or Learning Disabilities (str.387-399) engleskipdf 94 KB
Metka Shawe-Taylor
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