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Datum izdavanja: lipnja 2011.

Objavljen na Hrčku: 30. 6. 2011.
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An Effective Method for Establishing the Stage and Reflux Requirement of Three-product Dividing Wall Columns (str.147-157) engleskipdf 405 KB
I. Dejanović, Lj. Matijašević, Ž. Olujić
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The Influence of Microstructure on Hydrogen Diffusion and Embrittlement of Multiphase Fine-Grained Steels with Increased Plasticity and Strength (str.159-169) engleskipdf 579 KB
A. Begić Hadžipašić, J. Malina, M. Malina
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Mass Transfer Studies in Three-phase Fluidized Bed Using Response Surface Method (str.171-179) engleskipdf 446 KB
A. Sivalingam, N. M. Hariharan, T. Kannadasan, M. Thirumarimurugan, S. Gopalakrishnan
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Structural Parameters and Swelling Behavior of pH Sensitive Poly(acrylamide-co-acrylic acid) Hydrogels (str.181-194) engleskipdf 335 KB
A. Thakur, R. K. Wanchoo, P. Singh
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Studies of Heat Transfer for Water-Diesel Two-Phase System in a Spiral Heat Exchanger (str.195-201) engleskipdf 266 KB
S. Sathiyan, M. Rangarajan, S. Ramachandran
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Study of the Corrosion Resistance of Ni/CeO2 Composite Coatings Electrodeposited on Carbon Steel in Hydrochloric Acid (str.203-208) engleskipdf 837 KB
A. Samide, B. Tutunaru
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Investigation of Oxygen Transfer in a Two-phase Partition Stirred Tank Bioreactor in the Presence of Silicone Oil (str.209-219) engleskipdf 639 KB
A. Karimi, F. Golbabaei, M. Neghab, M. R. Mehrnia, K. Mohammad, M. R. Pourmand, A. Nikpey
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Esterification of Acetic Acid with Butanol: Operation in a Packed Bed Reactive Distillation Column (str.221-227) engleskipdf 197 KB
E. Sert, F. S. Atalay
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The Removal of Ions by Functionalized Carbon Nanotube: Equilibrium, Isotherms and Thermodynamic Studies (str.229-240) engleskipdf 351 KB
O. Moradi
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Saccharomyces cerevisiae Inoculum Heat Shock Treatment – New Method for Enhanced Glycerol Production in Wine (str.241-245) engleskipdf 111 KB
M. Berlot, M. Berovič
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Biosorption of Nickel Ion by Chitosan-immobilized Brown Algae Laminaria japonica (str.247-254) engleskipdf 239 KB
W. Fan, Z. Xu
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Design Aspects of Bioreactors for Solid-state Fermentation: A Review (str.255-266) engleskipdf 402 KB
H. Kh. Q. Ali, M. M. D. Zulkali
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Alcohol Dehydrogenase from Lactobacillus brevis: A Versatile Robust Catalyst for Enantioselective Transformations (str.267-281) engleskipdf 723 KB
S. Leuchs, L. Greiner
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