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Psychological topics, Vol. 20 No. 3, 2011

Publication date: December 2011

Published on HRČAK: 22 March 2012
Table of contents Full text
Constructing Emotion (str.359-380) englishpdf 220 KB
Lisa Feldman Barrett
Original scientific paper
Beneficial Roles of Emotion in Decision Making: Functional Association of Brain and Body (str.381-392) englishpdf 240 KB
Hideki Ohira
Original scientific paper
Emotional Intelligence as Assessed by Situational Judgment and Emotion Recognition Tests: Building the Nomological Net (str.393-412) englishpdf 190 KB
Carolyn MacCann, Nicola Pearce, Richard D. Roberts
Original scientific paper
Vocabulary of Emotions Test (VET): A Cross-cultural Validation in Portuguese and Croatian Contexts (str.413-424) englishpdf 176 KB
Ana Costa, Luisa Faria, Vladimir Takšić
Original scientific paper
South and North: DIF Analyses of University-Student Responses to the Emotional Skills and Competence Questionnaire (str.425-447) englishpdf 252 KB
Bo Molander, Stefan Holmström, Vladimir Takšić
Original scientific paper
Differences in Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and self-Acceptance as Function of Gender and Ibasho (a Person Who Eases the Mind) of Japanese Undergraduates (str.449-459) englishpdf 134 KB
Hiroshi Toyota
Original scientific paper
Importance of the Alternative Five and Trait Emotional Intelligence for Agentic and Communal Domains of Satisfaction (str.461-475) englishpdf 166 KB
Andreja Avsec, Tina Kavčič
Original scientific paper
Self-reported Emotional and Social Intelligence and Empathy as Distinctive Predictors of Narcissism (str.477-488) englishpdf 141 KB
Lara Delič, Petra Novak, Jan Kovačič, Andreja Avsec
Original scientific paper
Visual Working Memory Capacity for Emotional Facial Expressions (str.489-502) englishpdf 291 KB
Domagoj Švegar
Original scientific paper
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