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Croatian International Relations Review, Vol. 4 No. 12/13, 1998

Publication date: July 1998

Published on HRČAK: 16 January 2007
Table of contents Full text
The Role of Croatia in the Expansion of the European Union and NATO (str.127-133) englishpdf 2 MB
Janko Vranyczany-Dobrinović
Original scientific paper
Croatia, United Kingdom and European Union (str.135-138) englishpdf 1016 KB
Colin A. Munro
Original scientific paper
Lessons from the "Asian Flu" (str.139-142) englishpdf 1 MB
Darko Bekić
Original scientific paper
Current Geopolitical Thought and Estonia: A Critical Approach (str.143-145) englishpdf 847 KB
Eiki Berg
Original scientific paper
Affirmation of Statehood and Territorial Integrity of Croatia (1) (str.146-154) englishpdf 2 MB
Hrvoje Kacic
Original scientific paper
General Overview of FDI in South-East Europe and Potential for Sub-Regional Cooperation (str.155-161) englishpdf 2 MB
Sergio Alessandrini
Original scientific paper
The Role of the Government in Supporting SME Development in Croatia (str.162-168) englishpdf 2 MB
Sanja Malekovic, Mario Polić, Mladen Staničić
Original scientific paper
Evaluation of Croatian Cultural Policy (str.169-171) englishpdf 820 KB
Žarko Paić
Original scientific paper
Chronology, 1992 October through December (str.173-185)  
Ante Živković
Front page, Contents and Impressum englishpdf 417 KB
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