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Publication date: January 1995

Published on HRČAK: 17 January 2007
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UN ON CROATIA (str.1-16)  
The Security of Central Europe (str.5-6) englishpdf 545 KB
Alois Mock
Original scientific paper
The End of the War? (str.7-9) englishpdf 608 KB
Hido Biščević
Original scientific paper
Towards a stable peace in the former Yugoslavia (str.9-13) englishpdf 1 MB
Raimo Vayrynen
Original scientific paper
Towards democratization - small countries within the European security system (str.14-16) englishpdf 840 KB
Darko Bekić
Original scientific paper
Central and Eastern European countries and the EU: obstacles and opportunities (str.17-21) englishpdf 1 MB
Uroš Dujšin
Original scientific paper
Financial system in Croatia (str.21-23) englishpdf 693 KB
Marinko Papuga
Original scientific paper
Chronology, The Democratic Foundation of Croatia's Independence: The Year 1989-1990 (str.28-30)  
Ante Živković
Front page, Contents and Impressum englishpdf 427 KB
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