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Financial theory and practice, Vol. 36 No. 4, 2012

Financial theory and practice,Vol. 36 No. 4
Publication date: December 2012

Published on HRČAK: 27 February 2013
Table of contents Full text
Modelling local government unit credit risk in the Republic of Croatia (str.329-354) englishpdf 772 KB
Petra Posedel, Marko Primorac
Original scientific paper
Local budget transparency: the case of 33 Croatian cities (str.355-371) englishpdf 680 KB
Mihaela Bronić, Katarina Ott, Ivica Urban
Original scientific paper
(In)efficiency of corporate income tax expenditures on underdeveloped areas of special tax treatment in Croatia (str.373-394) englishpdf 705 KB
Vjekoslav Bratić
Review article
Sign restriction approach to macro stress-testing of the Croatian banking system (str.395-412) englishpdf 621 KB
Nataša Erjavec, Boris Cota, Saša Jakšić
Original scientific paper
Estimating the country risk premium in emerging markets: the case of the Republic of Macedonia (str.413-434) englishpdf 815 KB
Aleksandar Naumoski
Preliminary communication
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