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Publication date: November 2000

Published on HRČAK: 10 May 2013
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Contents (str.2-3) englishpdf 61 KB
The understanding of Aquinas' philosophy in the work of Tomo Vereš (str.5-20) englishpdf 190 KB
Anto Gavrić
Original scientific paper
Thomas Aquinas and Jacques Martain on democracy (str.23-38) englishpdf 198 KB
Tomo Vereš
Original scientific paper
Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas and "Thomism" in relation to Blondel's understanding of "Christian philosophy" (str.39-56) englishpdf 204 KB
Hrvoje Lasić
Original scientific paper
Aquinas and the Problem of Metaphysics (str.57-70)  
Thomas und das Problem der Metaphisik (str.57-70) germanpdf 152 KB
Emerich Coreth
Original scientific paper
Immediate cognition of God. Aquinas on repture (str.71-88) englishpdf 214 KB
Bruno Niederbacher
Original scientific paper
Types of actions (str.89-103)  
Arten von Handlungen (str.89-103) germanpdf 177 KB
Christian Kanzian
Original scientific paper
Fulleprinzip oder echter indeterminismus? Zu Thomas' Begriff der Kontingenz (str.105-124)  
Fulleprinzip oder echter indeterminismus? Zu Thomas' Begriff der Kontingenz (str.105-124) germanpdf 189 KB
Michael-Thomas Liske
Original scientific paper
Aquinas on the demonstrability of God's existence: some lessons from Summa Theologica I, Q.2, A.2 (str.125-137) englishpdf 205 KB
Winfried Löffler
Original scientific paper
Albert the Great position on the questions of necessity, destiny and providence (str.141-152)  
Alberts des Grossen Stellungnahme zur Frage nach Notwendigkeit, Schicksal und Vorsehung (str.141-152) germanpdf 182 KB
Henryk Anzulewicz
Original scientific paper
John Duns Scotus' Metaphysics and Theology in the Prologues of the Lectura and the Ordiatio (first part) (str.153-164)  
Métaphysique et Théologie dans les prologues de la Lectura et de L'Ordiatio (Premiére partie), de Jean Duns Scot (str.153-164) frenchpdf 184 KB
Gérard Sondag
Original scientific paper
The problem of the eternity of the world in the Croatian contemporary philosophy (str.167-184) englishpdf 211 KB
Ivan Tadić
Original scientific paper
The economics of wage determination in Mt. 20, 2-15 (str.187-196) englishpdf 421 KB
Mate Babić
Professional paper
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