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Publication date: August 2013

Published on HRČAK: 16 September 2013
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Seceding but not Succeeding African International Relations and Somaliland’s lacking international recognition (str.5-37) englishpdf 837 KB
Nikola Pijović
Original scientific paper
Rising Myanmar: US involvement, power rivalry and new hopes for Bangladesh (str.39-59) englishpdf 695 KB
Ishtiaque Alam
Original scientific paper
Did EU candidacy differentiation impact on the performance of pre-accession funds? A quantitative analysis of Western Balkan cases (str.61-91) englishpdf 1 MB
Davide Denti
Original scientific paper
The EU Battlegroups (EUBGs) – a successful story or a paper tiger? (str.93-114) englishpdf 747 KB
Beatrica Šmaguc
Professional paper
Does more (or less) lead to violence? Application of the relative deprivation hypothesis on economic inequalityinduced conflicts (str.115-134) englishpdf 673 KB
Nemanja Džuverović
Professional paper
Resisting the Evil: (Post-)Yugoslav Anti-War Contention, Bojan Bilić and Vesna Janković (eds.) (str.136-139) englishpdf 478 KB
Paul Stubbs
Case report
Public Service Media from a Nordic Horizon: Politics, Markets, Programming and Users. Nordic Public Service Media Map 2., Ulla Carlsson (ed.) (str.140-144) englishpdf 462 KB
Paško Bilić
Case report
The Last Three Feet: Case Studies in Public Diplomacy, 2012, William P. Kiehl (Ed.) (str.145-149) englishpdf 450 KB
Lada Glavaš Kovačić
Case report
The Politics of reconciliation in multicultural societies, Will Kymlicka and Bashir Bashir (str.150-156) englishpdf 455 KB
Renata Ribežl
Case report
Ideas, Interests and Foreign Aid, Maurits Van der Veen (str.157-160) englishpdf 445 KB
Iva Kornfein
Case report
Myths, Lies and Oil WarS, Engdahl, F. William (str.161-165) englishpdf 455 KB
Zrinka Vučinović
Case report
Central and South-Eastern Europe 2013, 13th Edition (str.166-169) englishpdf 447 KB
Nikola Marijan
Case report
Environmental Finance and Development, Sanja Tišma, Ana Maria Boromisa, Ana Pavičić-Kaselj (str.170-172) englishpdf 427 KB
Marina Funduk
Case report
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