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Publication date: December 2013

Published on HRČAK: 23 December 2013
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Cosmetic dentistry in ancient times: V-shaped dental mutilation in skeletal remains from Corycus, Turkey (str.148-156) englishpdf 310 KB
Huseyin Afsin, Ahmet Sadi Cagdir, Yalçın Büyük, Beytullah Karaday
Original scientific paper
Metric study of fragmentary mandibles in a North Indian population (str.157-162) englishpdf 100 KB
Vineeta Saini
Original scientific paper
Odontometric analysis of deciduous teeth from the Late Antique and the Early Mediaeval period in archaeological populations from Croatia (str.163-172) englishpdf 305 KB
Ruža Bjelovučić
Original scientific paper
Book review – Forensic Science: Current Issues, Future Directions by Douglas H. Ubelaker (str.173-176) englishpdf 133 KB
Bernadette Manifold
Book Review
Book Review - Photographic atlas of bioarchaeology from the osteological collection of the Croatian academy of sciences and arts by Mario Šlaus, Mario Novak, Vlasta Vyroubal, Željka Bedić, Hrvoje Brkić, Marin Vodanović (str.177-178) englishpdf 175 KB
Book Review  
16th International Symposium on Dental Morphology and 1st Congress of the International Association for Paleodontology (str.179-179) englishpdf 229 KB
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