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Fire fighting and managment

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Status in HRČAK: active
ISSN 1848-347X (Print)
Contact: Hrvatska vatrogasna zajednica, Selska cesta 90a, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, tel: +385-(0)1-3689-175, fax: +385-(0)1-3025-026
Publisher: Croatian fire fighting association
  Selska cesta 90a, 10000 Zagreb
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Croatian Fire Fighting Association publishes scientific articles in the field of firefighting and fire protection in order to promote firefighting profession. Each article is subject to review.

Peer review: no peer review

First year of publication: 2011

Frequency (annually): 2

Scientific disciplines and subdisciplines: Technical Sciences; Basic Technical Sciences; Interdisciplinary Technical Sciences; Biotechnical Sciences; Forestry;

Date added to HRČAK: 24 May 2013

Rights: The full texts of works of this magazine may be used free of charge for personal or educational purposes while respecting copyright. Printed edition of each issue can be purchased in the shop of Croatian Fire Fighting Association at a cost of 25.00 HRK.


  Vol. VIII   No. 1-2
  Vol. VII.   No. 2.
  Vol. VII.   No. 1.
  Vol. VI.   No. 2.
  Vol. VI.   No. 1.
  Vol. V.   No. 2.
  Vol. V.   No. 1.
  Vol. IV.   No. 2.
  Vol. IV.   No. 1.
  Vol. III.   No. 2.
  Vol. III.   No. 1.
  Vol. II.   No. 2.
  Vol. II.   No. 1.
  Vol. I.   No. 1.
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