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Geoadria, Vol.14 No.2 Prosinac 2009.

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The maritime boundaries of the Adriatic Sea

Mladen Klemenčić ; Lexicographic Institute Miroslav Krleža, Zagreb
Duško Topalović ; Lexicographic Institute Miroslav Krleža, Zagreb

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The delimitation of maritime boundaries in semi-closed seas such as Adriatic is always a complex issue.
The first bilateral maritime boundary agreement in the Adriatic Sea was reached at an early stage in the history of maritime delimitation, but potential offshore boundary system became more complicated following political changes in the 1990's and increase in the number of coastal states. This paper provides an overview of the development of maritime boundary system in the Adriatic, highlights disputes and remaining problems and evaluates potential solutions to disputes, claiming that completion of maritime boundary system should enhance regional stability.

Ključne riječi
maritime boundaries; delimitation; boundary dispute


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