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Geoadria, Vol.15 No.1 Lipanj 2010.

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Croatian small islands – residential and/or leisure area

Josip Faričić ; Department of Geography, University of Zadar
Vera Graovac ; Department of Geography, University of Zadar
Anica Čuka ; Department of Geography, University of Zadar

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The paper discusses modern geographic processes on Croatian small inhabited islands. For centuries, Croatian small islands have been continuously inhabited area characterized by different social and economic activities. However, in the last several decades, the islands have experienced a severe depopulation, and on the other hand, the interest for occasional use of that attractive insular space for recreational purposes increased. Consequently, the basic insular functions have changed, which, among other things, contributes to changes of insular landscape and to the changed role of small islands in regional socio-economic systems.

Ključne riječi
small islands; depopulation; deagrarianization; tourism; housing; Croatia


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