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Status and development of forest harvesting mechanisation in Croatian state forestry

Darko Beuk
Željko Tomašić
Dubravko Horvat

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This paper deals with the present status of forest management in the Republic of Croatia with a special reference to forests managed by the company »Hrvatske šume« d.o.o. Zagreb, as well as to aims, tasks and methods of state-owned forest management, to conditions and trends in the number of the most significant forest machines used so far in forest harvesting. Also, the ways and activities are described by which »Hrvatske šume« d.o.o., in cooperation with the Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb, influence the trend of machine and technology development, as original solutions for meeting particularly demanding conditions of natural forest management.
In the Republic of Croatia, the state owns 75% of the total area of forests and forest land, i.e. 2,018,987 ha are managed by »Hrvatske šume« d.o.o. »Hrvatske šume« d.o.o. carry out more than 50% of forest management activities by their own production forces and means. Therefore, the development of machines and technologies is a very significant precondition for improving business efficiency in severe terrain conditions, characterised by specific management methods. Four main criteria of suitability requirements, i.e. suitability of technical-technological solutions, can be singled out: Environmental suitability, Efficiency, Safety, Ergonomic suitability.
These criteria have partly been established in line with modern international standards, applicable to conditions in the Republic of Croatia and partly by specific features of management conditions. The influence of »Hrvatske šume« on meeting the above requirements, and direct participation of »Hrvatske šume« in the development of technical-technological solutions suitable for certain conditions, have been shown on examples of development of two types of skidders and tractor assemblies for lowland forest thinning. Efforts are made to meet these requirements through tasks of the scientific-research work projects and in cooperation with the Faculty of Forestry, University of Zagreb, as well as by placing demands on and in cooperation with domestic manufacturers of machines and equipment.

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Hrvatske šume d.o.o.; natural forests; development of machines and technologies; skidders; tractor assemblies

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