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Pharmacotherapy of the Dental Patient during Pregnancy and Lactation

Ileana Linčir
Kata Rošin-Grget

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The pregnant woman and the nursing mother present a special set of concern for the dental practitioner. Many drugs when taken by a pregnant patient or a breastfeeding mother can pass the placenta or breast alveolar cells and enter the bloodstream of the fetus or the human milk, adversely affecting fetal development or newborn child. The effect that a medication has on a fetus or a newborn child depends on the type of drug, the amount of drug taken, the duration of therapy and in pregnancy the trimester during which the drug was taken.
This is a brief review of the relative risks of drugs commonly used in dental care for the pregnant patient and the nursing mother. A list is given of possible harmful drugs in pregnancy and drugs contraindicated during breastfeeding.

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pregnancy drug effects; pregnancy risk drug category; drugs and lactation

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