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Environmental geochemistry of the polymetallic ore deposits: Case studies from the Rude and the Sv. Jakob historical mining sites, NW Croatia

Sabina Strmić Palinkaš ; Geološki odsjek Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet
Ladislav A. Palinkaš
Maja Kuzmanović
Maša Martinić
Štefica Kampić
Dragana Dogančić
Jasmina Obhođaš

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str. 129-142

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This paper presents the results of the sampling surveys carried out in order to evaluate the environmental impact of the Rude and the Sv. Jakob historical mining sites, NW Croatia. The studied polymetallic ore deposits are differing in the mineralogical and geochemical features as well as in the host rock lithology. The Rude Fe-Cu-Pb-Zn-Ba deposit is hosted by Permian siliciclastic sediments. Siderite, hematite, galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, pyrite, barite and gypsum are the major ore minerals, whereas quartz is the principal gangue mineral. The Sv. Jakob Pb-Zn-Ag deposit occurs in the Middle Triassic dolostone. The most abundant ore minerals are galena, sphalerite and pyrite. Calcite and quartz represent the principal gangue minerals. Although the deposits represent the potential sources of numerous toxic metals, the pollution of the drainage streams and associated stream sediments was not recorded. The studied mining sites are characterized by the high carbonate/sulfide ratios responsible for the alkaline character of the drainage streams. Consequently, the mining sites have very low potential for generation of acid mine drainage as well as very low potential for leaching of heavy metals into the drainage systems. Furthermore, the presented study revealed that the populated areas (stream waters with decreased redox potential, increased organic matter content, high NO3-, NH4+ and PO43- concentrations; stream sediments enriched in exchangeable Pb and Zn) and the Sava river alluvium (overflowing streams enriched in Hg) represent bigger environmental threat than the investigated polymetallic ore deposits.

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polymetallic ore deposits, heavy metal pollution, stream water and sediments, Samoborska Gora Mts., Medvednica Mts., NW Croatia

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