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Precipitation and Dissolution Phenomena in Al-Zn Alloys

Stanko Popović ; Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, P.O. Box 162, 10001 Zagreb, Croatia
Biserka Gržeta ; Ruđer Bošković Institute, P.O. Box 1016, 10001 Zagreb, Croatia

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The microstructure of Al-Zn alloys, with the Zn atom fraction, χZn ≤ 62%, has been studied in detail by XRD in dependence on the composition, temperature and previous thermal treatment. Precipitation phenomena in alloys, transferred to the supersaturated state by rapid quenching from the solid solution temperature, Tss, in water at RT, have been followed in dependence on the ageing time at RT or elevated temperature. The equilibrium state, reached by ageing, has been compared with that obtained by slow cooling from Tss to RT. Phase transitions, dissolution and precipitation processes in the alloys, transferred to the equilibrium state, have been studied in situ in dependence on temperature from RT to Tss. A temperature hysteresis in reversal phase transitions has been observed on cooling from Tss to RT. Repeated heating and cooling cycles have revealed different microstructure in alloys having undergone different thermal treatments between RT and Tss. A change in the phase diagram of the Al-Zn system is necessary in the composition region χZn > 50%.

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Al-Zn alloys; solid solutions; precipitation phenomena in solids; phase transitions; phase diagram; X-ray powder diffraction

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