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Antonija Žižak orcid id ; Edukacijsko-rehabilitacijski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

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The assigned framework of this article stands on two ideas of Program committee of the 4th Croatian congress of social pedagogy „Beyond boundaries“. The first one relates to development of professional identity of social pedagogues in last 50 years and three national congresses, and the second one relates to 4th Croatian congress as the opportunity to look beyond framework and boundaries of social pedagogy. Having that in mind this article will be directed towards discussing symbolic and real boundaries of social pedagogy in Croatia. At the first level of distinction of meanings of the notion ‘boundaries’ there are personal professional boundaries and social professional boundaries. Personal professional boundaries are set by individual professionals in accordance with specific professional framework and in line with appreciative and effective interactions between professional and members of the community professional is serving of. Changing (crossing) of personal boundaries in most interpersonal professions is seen as undesirable/ negative. Social professional boundaries are to some extend objectified forms /patterns of differences which distinct social groups (professional groups as well) from each other, and enable their distinct social identity. This article is focused on applying concept of social professional boundaries on practical, as well as theoretical and scientific level of social pedagogy discipline. Mechanisms that cause and constitute boundary change as well as boundary change consequences for social pedagogy in different developmental phases are discussed. Next level of discussion of being in and out of social pedagogical boundaries includes description of significant dichotomies like: professional – unprofessional; national – international; professional – political. At the end, beyond usual perspective on social pedagogy stands metaphorical one, the ‘line in the send’ (boundaries) how to accept challenges of unexpected wind and water crashes.

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social pedagogy; real and symbolic boundaries; mechanisms that cause boundaries change

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