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Catching up with the Danes – Why Denmark succeeds as a top entrepreneurial country and what we can learn from them

Kai Alexander Saldsieder ; Pforzheim University, Business School, Pforzeim, Njemačka
Anne Hoag ; The Pennsylvania State University, The Pennsylvania, SAD

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Denmark is frequently found at or near the top of the list of the most entrepreneurial countries in the
world. This paper strives to identify Denmark’s key entrepreneurship success factors as a means of fostering
greater entrepreneurship in other countries. The paper is based on a theoretical framework on national
competitiveness, underpinned by research within the field of entrepreneurial studies, business development
management, cultural studies as well as economic policy. Qualitative methods – analysis of interviews
with five industry experts – were used to explore the theoretical framework. During the interviews,
the managers discuss environmental aspects, which impact the start-up-business in Denmark in a positive
way on a macro-economic perspective. In conclusion, comparisons are made among the findings of the
interview data and current GEM, GEDI and OECD data on the Danish frame conditions of doing entrepreneurial

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Entrepreneurial business; start-up; country study Denmark; venture capital business; environmental analysis

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