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Globalization and management

Danimir Štros   ORCID icon ; Municipality of Brdovec, Brdovec, Croatia
Maja Coner   ORCID icon ; Municipality of Brdovec, Brdovec, Croatia
Daniel Bukovinski   ORCID icon ; Municipality of Brdovec, Brdovec, Croatia

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Globalization as an ongoing process allows and promotes the development of economy of big countries as
well as developing countries that are seeking their place in the global market. Interactive communication
has been enabled between people, companies, civil society organizations and other institutions, whose
needs can be met over the internet anywhere in the world and at any time.
Also, professional and competent human resources are needed and therefore it is necessary to invest in
new knowledge, innovation, new technologies and lifelong learning. In this environment, management sets
its strategic goals through which it will be able to carry out the plans for the sale of products or services.
Nowadays, a manager has to have interdisciplinary skills and lifelong education because only in this way it
is possible to respond to the constant and rapid changes in the world.
We are witnesses that Europe has reunited in order to compete with the less developed countries with their
products and services. Europe has long refused to accept the managerial style of governance, particularly
in public administration and is therefore far behind the U.S., but also the Third World countries. Until recently,
European public administration was more focused on the implementation of laws and regulations
and less on managerial governance of the U.S. type.
Global environment requires the continuous research, monitoring competition, innovation and the ability
to change rapidly.

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globalization; management; innovation; technologies; competitive; interdisciplinary

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