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Lateral Buckling of Castellated Beams

Ivan Radić
Damir Markulak

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For greater spans and dominant bending stress in major plane, castellated beams are very rational structural solution. These beams have relatively high slenderness and significant web openings. This paper describes the research into the stability of the castellated beams considering resistance to lateral buckling, for which new regulation Eurocode 3 suggests simplified verification of the resistance to lateral buckling. Various spans of the roof castellated beams with IPE and HEA cross-sections are considered. 3D FEM models of these beams are made and the resistance of the lateral buckling is calculated according to the method proposed in Eurocode 3 and the finite element method (FEM). Results of the research indicate that the suggested method of the verification of lateral buckling for castellated beams gives good estimates of their resistance, because comparisons of the given values indicate that differences in resistance to lateral buckling did not exceed 5 % for all analyzed beams.

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3D FEM models of castellated beams; castellated beams; lateral buckling; influence of the web openings

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