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Bonding Types in the Mixtures NiSnM, PdSnM, and PtSnM

K. Schubert ; Max-Planck-Institut fiir Metallforschung, Institut fur Werkstoffwissenschafl, Seestrasse 92, D-7000 Stuttgart, F. R. Germany

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A remarkable improvement is introduced into the description of the bonding types of mixtures NiSnut, PdSnui, and PtSnM by considering the bonding type rules of confluence, collectivity, and spin compensation. The number of bonding figures has decreased to two in each mixture, namely to FU2 of Pt, Pd, Ni and FB2C4 of Sn. The stability of the FB2C4 figure with increasing valence electron concentration always begins in the NiAs homeo- type. While the structures at lower valence electron concentrations are ho- meotypes of close packings, the structures at higher valence electron concentrations exhibit an anionic partial structure into which the A10 atoms are inserted. Structural features like lacuna homeotypism, stacking homeoty- pism, or deformation homeotypism may be explained by the bonding type.
The proposed improved bonding types confirm that the electron correlations model is a useful valence model for intermetallic phases. No other model has provided explanation of these structures so far.

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