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Fuzzy model for predicting the number of deformed wheels

Ž. Đorđević ; ŽS ad, Beograd, Serbia
M. Vasiljević ; Traffic faculty Doboj, B i H
S. Vesković ; Traffic faculty, Beograd, Serbia
S. Rajilić ; Municipal Novi Grad, B i H
V. Vukadinović ; ŽS ad, Beograd, Serbia

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Deformation of the wheels damage cars and rails and affect on vehicle stability and safety. Repair and replacement cause high costs and lack of wagons. Planning of maintenance of wagons can not be done without estimates of the number of wheels that will be replaced due to wear and deformation in a given period of time. There are many influencing factors, the most important are: weather conditions, quality of materials, operating conditions, and distance between the two replacements. The fuzzy logic model uses the collected data as input variables to predict the output variable - number of deformed wheels for a certain type of vehicle in the defined period at a particular section of the railway.

Ključne riječi

wheel defects; vehicle maintenance; vehicle state parameters; fuzzy logic

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