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Differences in Basic Non-Standard Situational Effifi ciency Indicators between Winning and Defeated European Senior Basketball Teams

Marko Trninić ; »Cedevita« Basketball club, Zagreb, Croa
Ante Perica ; »Kapfenberg Bulls« Basketball club, Kapfenberg, Austria
Mario Jeličić ; University of Split, Faculty of Kinesiology, Split, Croatia

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The aim of the conducted research was to identify and explain the differences in basic non-standard situational effi -
ciency indicators between winning and defeated European senior basketball teams. Discriminant analysis and Mann-
Whitney U-test were used with the purpose of investigating the differences between winning and defeated teams in the
domain of basic non-standard situational variables. The grouping variable distinguished 24 defeated teams from 24
winning teams participating in 2009/2010 season of Euroleague Top 16. The research clearly reveals the differences between
the winning and defeated European senior basketball teams in the domain of non-standard situational variables
of position and transition offense and defense. Eight situational effi ciency indicators were used which include the overall
number of successful and unsuccessful position and transition defenses and offenses. Based on the results obtained by
parametric and non-parametric methods, it has been noticed that successful position defense is crucial for winning, and
unsuccessful position offense is an indicator of defeat prediction. Therefore, practical aims in situational training must
involve balanced development of relevant abilities and skills which determine successful simultaneous performance of
multiple tasks in all the phases of game fl ow. Such process of sport preparation improves the overall actual quality of
players and whole team performance. In conclusion, it is important to emphasize that the process of improving position
and transition defense stimulates the development of position and transition offense, and vice versa.

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basketball, basic non-standard indicators of situational effi ciency, position and transition defense, position and transition offense, differences

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