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Speech Act Theory and the European Integration: The Case of the Eastern Enlargement

Hrvoje Špehar ; Jean Monnet katedra, Sveučilište u Zagrebu
Vedran Jerbić ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu

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This paper aims to analyse and demonstrate the possibilities of applying speech act theory in the framework of European integration studies by examining the case of the Eastern European enlargement. We start with the brief overview of the speech act theory as being delineated by J. L. Austin and John R. Searle. Then we examine the interdisciplinary "spill-over" into the International relations studies, particularly Security studies. Finally, drawing on the recent rationalist-constructivist discussion around Eastern enlargement we try to show how Austinian legacy, which "limits" itself on the very "surface" of the available public/official speech and its effects, can help us grasp the historically specific moment of the accession of post-communist regimes that have challenged the foundations of the EU integration process.

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Speech act theory, European integration studies, Eastern enlargement, Rationalism, Constructivism

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