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Tachinid (Diptera: Tachinidae) parasitoids of spotted ash looper (Abraxas pantaria) in Krka National Park in Croatia

Milan Pernek orcid id ; Croatian Forest Research Institute
Ivan Lukić orcid id ; Croatian Forest Research Institute
Nikola Lacković ; Croatian Forest Research Institute
Ejup Cota orcid id ; Agricultural University of Tirana
Hans-Peter Tschorsnig ; Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Rosenstein 1, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany

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Background and purpose: Spotted ash looper, Abraxas pantaria (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) causes defoliations of narrow-leaved ash (Fraxinus angustifolia) in Croatia, mainly in Krka National Park. Since controlling pests with insecticides is not possible in protected areas, biological pest control might be a valuable option. The first step in the study of its application is the research on hosts and their natural enemies. Not much is known about the parasitoid spectrum of A. pantaria in Croatia, so the aim of this research is to identify the parasitoid species which could influence the population density of this potential forest pest.

Materials and methods: Pupae of A. pantaria were studied in 2010 at several locations along the River Krka in Krka National Park. This area was chosen because total defoliation of ash was observed in 2010.

Results and conclusions: Five tachinid species were reared from Abraxas pantaria: Phryxe nemea, Bactromyia aurulenta, Senometopia sp., Pales pavida and Eurysthaea scutellaris. All species are generalist parasitoids. Phryxe nemea is the first record for this host.

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Abraxas pantaria, Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Diptera, Tachinidae

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