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Vlatka Ivić ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Osijek, Croatia
Blaženka Šoštarić ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Osijek, Croatia

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The aim of the paper is to analyze the attitude of various profiles of Croatian students of English towards globalization and European integration and their understanding of the English terms related to the phenomenon as well as their attitude towards it.
Using a corpus of 24 terms related to globalization and the European Union, we studied the attitude of the respondents and analyzed their first associations when confronted with the selected terms. The study is based on the survey research method, and the obtained results have been statistically analyzed in order to assess if the associations are positive, negative or neutral. The results of the first survey conducted in 2010 have been compared to the results obtained in 2013, on the eve of Croatia’s accession to the European Union, and to the results obtained in 2015, almost two years after the accession. The aim was to establish whether there is a difference in attitudes from then and now that Croatia is a full-fledged member of the EU.

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associations, European integration, globalization, sociolinguistics, students

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