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Seismicity of Croatia in the period 2002-2005

Ines Ivančić
Davorka Herak
Snježana Markušić
Ivica Sović
Marijan Herak

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Ivančić, I., Herak, D., Markušić, S., Sović, I. i Herak, M. (2006). Seismicity of Croatia in the period 2002-2005. Geofizika, 23 (2), 87-103. Preuzeto s
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Ivančić, Ines, Davorka Herak, Snježana Markušić, Ivica Sović i Marijan Herak. "Seismicity of Croatia in the period 2002-2005." Geofizika 23, br. 2 (2006): 87-103.
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I. Ivančić, D. Herak, S. Markušić, I. Sović i M. Herak, "Seismicity of Croatia in the period 2002-2005", Geofizika, vol.23, br. 2, str. 87-103, 2006. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 14.06.2021.]

During the 2002–2005 period a total of 3459 earthquakes were located in Croatia and its neighbouring areas with 15 main events registering magnitudes from 4.0 to 5.5. Seismically the most prominent were the two strongest earthquake sequences recorded in the central part of the Adriatic Sea, near Jabuka Island (the first one with the mainshock on March 29, 2003, 17:42, ML = 5.5, and the second, weaker, with the mainshock on November 25, 2004, 6:21, ML = 5.2). In the epicentral area W and NW of the Jabuka Island 781 earthquakes were confidently located (28 events with magnitudes equal to or larger than 4.0). Seismically active coastal part of Croatia, especially its southern part exhibited the seismicity within well-known epicentral areas. The earthquake with the magnitude ML = 5.5, recorded in the Imotski–Grude area, on May 23, 2004 at 15:19 (Imax = VI–VII °MSK) was the second strongest event during the studied period. Continental part of Croatia experienced moderate seismicity during the observed period, with earthquakes of magnitudes ML ≤ 3.9.

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Seismicity; Croatia

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