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Belma Kunalić ; Tax Administration FBiH, Travnik Office, Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alisa Mujkić ; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jasmin Jusić   ORCID icon ; High Economic School, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mirna Pajević ; BH Telecom d.d., Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Dženan Rovčanin ; VGT osiguranje, Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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APA 6th Edition
Kunalić, B., Mujkić, A., Jusić, J., Pajević, M. i Rovčanin, Dž. (2016). IMPACT OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ON LEADER EFFECTIVENESS. Ekonomski vjesnik, 29 (2), 297-310. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Kunalić, Belma, et al. "IMPACT OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ON LEADER EFFECTIVENESS." Ekonomski vjesnik, vol. 29, br. 2, 2016, str. 297-310. Citirano 26.10.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Kunalić, Belma, Alisa Mujkić, Jasmin Jusić, Mirna Pajević i Dženan Rovčanin. "IMPACT OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ON LEADER EFFECTIVENESS." Ekonomski vjesnik 29, br. 2 (2016): 297-310.
Kunalić, B., et al. (2016). 'IMPACT OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ON LEADER EFFECTIVENESS', Ekonomski vjesnik, 29(2), str. 297-310. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 26.10.2021.)
Kunalić B, Mujkić A, Jusić J, Pajević M, Rovčanin Dž. IMPACT OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ON LEADER EFFECTIVENESS. Ekonomski vjesnik [Internet]. 2016 [pristupljeno 26.10.2021.];29(2):297-310. Dostupno na:
B. Kunalić, A. Mujkić, J. Jusić, M. Pajević i Dž. Rovčanin, "IMPACT OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE ON LEADER EFFECTIVENESS", Ekonomski vjesnik, vol.29, br. 2, str. 297-310, 2016. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 26.10.2021.]

All recent research proves that emotional intelligence is the forecast of achieving leader effectiveness. This study comprises research of respondents from private and public companies within ten existing cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Respondents graded emotional intelligence competencies of their leaders and their efficiency in leading a group of people in order to achieve organizational demands. We succeeded in confirming prior research through the regression model and proved that the existing questionnaires developed in the western context can be applied in the context of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After determining the internal consistency through Cronbach Alpha indicators (α=.844 and α=.734) in existing questionnaires with two regression models and R-square of .547 we succeeded in confirming the hypothesis of this research, according to which the leader’s competence in emotional intelligence has a positive impact on his/her effectiveness in fulfilling organizational demands and on the ability to manage an efficient team.

Ključne riječi
Emotional intelligence; effectiveness; leader; competencies; organizational demands

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