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Survey-based Impact of Influencing Parameters on Level Crossings Safety

Martin Starčević ; FPZ
Danijela Barić ; FPZ
Hrvoje Pilko ; FPZ

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str. 639-649

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Level crossing (LC) accidents are a significant safety challenge worldwide and for that reason they have been subject of numerous research activities. Joint conclusion is that human behaviour is the main cause of accidents. This study examines how and to which extent certain influential parameters cause accident mechanisms on level crossings. To gain the necessary data we used an on-line survey questionnaire that was sent internationally to key experts in the field of road and railway safety. A total of 185 experts were asked to rank how much certain parameters influence level crossings accident mechanisms and what are the best countermeasures for diminishing accidents at level crossings. To our knowledge, this is the first time that an international survey among key experts was used to gain necessary data about influential parameters regarding level crossings safety. The results of this study could be used by road and railway traffic engineers and policy makers for further enhancement of LC’s safety.

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level crossings, influential parameters, accident mechanisms, safety challenge, human behaviour, expert survey, countermeasures

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