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Walking the Party Line? The Determinants of Facebook’s Adoption and Use by Czech Parliamentarians

Alena Macková ; Karlovo sveučilište, Fakultet društvenih znanosti, Prag i Masarykovo sveučilište, Fakultet društvenih studija, Brno, Republika Češka
Václav Štětka ; Sveučilište Loughborough, Odjel za društvene znanosti, Ujedinjeno Kraljevstvo i Karlovo sveučilište, Fakultet društvenih znanosti, Republika Češka

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str. 157-174

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The last few years have witnessed an intensified academic debate on the potential of online social networking sites (SNSs) in the Czech Republic. However, the ensuing academic discussions focused
mostly on the SNS pages of political parties. Politicians in particular have recently become the focus of attention in the shift towards research exploring the use of SNSs. The aim of this paper is to provide insight into the role of Facebook in the communication of parties and candidates during the Czech parliamentary elections in 2013. We analyse the adoption of Facebook as a mobilization tool by seven parties as well as by 200 individual deputies, looking for similarities and differences in terms of the adoption, strategy and engagement of users. Although party influence seems to be a significant predictor of Facebook adoption, our data also indicate that using other digital channels increases the chances of higher engagement on Facebook at the individual level.

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Facebook, online social networking sites, parliamentary election, the Czech Republic

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