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To what extent does Croatia really cooperate with SEE countries in he fields of foreign trade, direct investment and tourism?

Tanja Broz orcid id
Goran Buturac
Marina Tkalec

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The aim of this research is to gain new insights into the extent of economic cooperation between Croatia and countries in the region. We also aim to find out which countries and economic sectors cooperate the most and to establish whether there is a trend to their economic cooperation. The research methodology is based on the
construction and implementation of a harmonised cooperation index (HCI), with data on economic cooperation in foreign trade, foreign direct investment and tourism among the countries in the region serving as a basis for index calculation. The article introduces a harmonised index of cooperation for post-transition countries, using a
broader base than is traditionally found in the literature. Research results show that the greatest cooperation progress has been achieved in foreign trade, while the potential in two other sectors has not yet been sufficiently exploited.

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economic cooperation; South-Eastern Europe; direct investment; tourism; foreign trade

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