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Model for Computer Simulation of Bone Tissue

D. Milčić
J. Keros
J. Saucha
Z. Rajić
R. Pezerović-Panijan

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The paper deals with the dependence of the torsional moment on the angle of the
compact bone torsion in laboratory animals and humans. Based on the data for laboratory
animals obtained by measurements, the data on dependence of the torsional moment
and the angle of torsion were predicted for humans. The measurements were carried
out in four groups of laboratory animals. One was the control group, and the other
three groups were treated by various vitamin D3 metabolites. The same measurements
were performed also in only one group of humans, due to the impossibility to treat humans
with vitamin D3 metabolites. The functional relationship between the angle of torsion
and the torsional moment for all the groups of animal bone tissue were determined
by measurements, and results were used to predict the reaction of the human compact
bone tissue if treated by vitamin D3 metabolites.

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