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Logistics determinants of the port of Gaženica in the context of tourism development

Hrvoje Baričević ; Sveučilište u Rijeci, Pomorski fakultet u Rijeci, Hrvatska
Eli Marušić ; Sveučilište u Splitu, Pomorski fakultet, Hrvatska
Ana Malovrh ; Sveučilište u Rijeci, Pomorski fakultet u Rijeci, Hrvatska

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The Zadar County has an important role in traffic, connecting the north and south of the Republic of Croatia. Zadar is the centre of the region, easily reached by the state roads and the modern highway A1 Zagreb-Split, air connections, ferry, shipping lines and railway. Based on the above mentioned, the city of Zadar should be seen as an important traffic centre of Croatia focused on the Gaženica port and its importance for the development of tourism as a crucial sector of the Croatian economy. The subject of this research is to identify and analyse all characteristics of the tourist destinations supply and demand, their traffic connections as well as the development of ports and port system of Croatia and their effect on the development of the new passenger port Gaženica in order to become one of the leading Mediterranean ports. The correlation between the issues of traffic connection in the Zadar County (road, sea, air and railway traffic) and the main characteristics of tourist supply and demand in the city of Zadar, as well as the impact of development of the port Gaženica on the tourist offer of the city, are interrelated objects of this research. Therefore, external transport accessibility plays an important role in it, which means if the accessibility is bad, it is an obstacle to the desired tourism development. The influence of a bad transport accessibility on the development of the destination is usually solved by investing into new transport solutions such as the construction of a new traffic infrastructure, introduction of new lines of all types of traffic, construction of larger parking lots in tourist destinations and the improvement of traffic and tourist signalling as well as the connection to the main traffic corridors. In order to increase the number of tourists in the above mentioned region, it is necessary to recognize current problems, as well as predict the future ones that may appear as a consequences of inadequate external transport accessibility on tourist development and to encourage their optimal solving.

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Passenger port, Logistics, Infrastructure, Port authority, Investments, Tourism

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